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Unlocking and nurturing the human potential for those affected by "aging-out" of the foster care system
Passion Led Us Here
 Our mission

The mission of Dove's Palace International is to affirm, assist and encourage young women transitioning from foster care to become educated, independent and empowered by realizing their full potential.

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 Our vision

Our vision is to provide safe and stable residential services for youth transitioning from foster care who are at-risk of becoming helpless and homeless.



Our statement of purpose is to help provide a stable living environment for youth who are transitioning out of child protection services. Dove's Palace will attain to empower young adults by promoting positive, healthy youth development, enhancing daily living and self-sufficiency skills, and fostering responsibility, resilience, and respect for self and others. Safe and stable residential services provide the base for individualized programming designed to identify, build upon, promote, and celebrate talents, skills, and positive character traits as well as to address deficits in learning or adolescent development.

Dove's Palace serves young women ages 18 to 24 years old with assets, skills, and resources they will need to find and maintain gainful employment, maintain stable housing, and build healthy relationships, establishing a solid foundation for healthy, independent living. In the communal living environments with housemates, Dove's Palace will provide services to instill a mid-level of independence while monitoring activities, employment, and education. In this setting, youth may safely learn, grow, make mistakes, and learn more knowing that they have a supportive and caring staff there to help guide their decision making, before leaving the system. 

The underlying strategy for services is to give youth a meaningful role in shaping their own destinies. The program helps youth acquire and master new skills by giving them opportunities to practice in real life situations. The focus is on preparing youth for true independent living by mastering both “hard” (maintaining a checking account, using a computer, buying food) and “soft” (taking responsibility for self, getting along with others, making sound decisions) skills.

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