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Chaplain Marva King


Chaplain Marva King is a woman full of passion and purpose. Her many years of experience in the workforce have given her the ability to relate to many different types of individuals with many backgrounds and within different cultures.

She has successfully managed a workforce of individuals in both the profit and non-profit sector. Having spent most of her time in the forefront of people management, She has developed the strong ability to entreat the diverse personalities that she currently engages, in her role as an active Foster Parent. The shifts in the corporate environment encouraged a shift in her life that would give her the ability to answer the call to serve the world with her purpose and through her passion. As a result, Doves Palace International was established.

Marva’s personal background gives her the ability to help young women realize their self-worth by affirmation, teaching, training and development of basic life skills. Her deep faith and belief in God and study of the word, helped her to understand her authentic position as a child of God and gives her the strength to reach back and assist others in this same understanding. She allowed all of the old thinking and ways to depart from her mind and became a brand new person. She stands on the belief that she is a woman of worth and not worthlessness. The partnership of her and her husband in the development of Dove’s Palace is essential in helping young women transition out of the foster care system and rescue them from the life of sex-trafficking. It doesn’t matter the reasons why they entered into the system. Dove’ Palace provides the answers to a way out.

Marva’s life purpose flows through the organizational structure of Dove’s Palace. It is within this structure that many lives will continue to be changed. As she has been developed into the newness of life, so will she and her staff, develop others.


Curtis King


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